Piano Lessons In Maple Valley

Do you live in Maple Valley, Black Diamond, Covington, Kent or in the local area and want to learn piano.

You have found the right website.

Who is Galadriel Hardebeck and Why Should I take lessons from Her?

Galadriel Hardebeck is

  • A professionally trained pianist.
  • She has more than 10 years of teaching experience with students ranging from 6 years old to 61 years old.
  • Not only is she professionally trained on the piano, but she is a professionally trained teacher.
  • Galadriel has a Music Education Degree from Seattle Pacific University with a primary focus on Piano.
  • So not only does Galadriel know how to play piano, but she knows how to teach piano so it is easy and simple to understand.

Learning piano does not have to be a difficult and confusing experience. Piano is easy and fun to learn.

You are going to get private piano lessons from Galadriel and no matter what level you are she is going to be able to help you learn and grow on the piano.

Imagine yourself in just 3 months time being able to sit down at a piano and play. Take action now and Contact Galadriel Here.

Watch Galadriel Play Seguiriya Op. 84, Danses Gitanes, Mov. V by Joaquin Turina